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Rent a Car in Goa

KC Cars is a South Goa based Car rental & Car hire agency that provides many different cars on rent or hire for short periods of time ranging minimum from one to two days and maximum to a few weeks at a stretch. We are located at a short distance of only 18 kms, taking approximately 20 minutes of driving time to reach the Dabolim International Airport of South Goa. The comfort of car rentals in Goa is that you can rent the same model or make of car that you are comfortable in driving back at home. So you just slip into the driver’s seat and drive off to your destination in Goa. Google’s map of Goa, kept open on your smart phone, steering wheel in your hands, and off you can be gone exploring the beaches and hinterlands of rural Goa. KC Cars operating from their office in South Goa close to Colva beach and Betalbatim beach offers variety of private legal car rental and car hire services to tourists holidaying in Goa.


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Legal Rental Cars of Goa

KC Cars offers you only totally legal rental cars. Legal, meaning all our cars are having the “Rent a Car” License as issued by the Regional Transport Office (RTO) of Goa State. So you will not be breaking any traffic laws of Goa and you won’t have any hassles with the road traffic police.





Self Driven Cars in Goa

KC Cars based in South Goa offers, “self driven” cars, wherein the Adult Person, of legal age and having a valid & active driving licence is welcome to rent any car available for their personal self driving pleasure. Self driven means cars that come without any driver to drive the car around. It is the voluntary undertaking of the Customer who desires to drive a car to transport self and his family or friends within the geographical state of Goa.


Driven Cars in Goa

KC Cars situated near Betalbatim Beach offers, “driven cars” wherein the hired car is provided along with a Chauffeur, who comes along with the car at all times. The hired car is always bound to be driven only by the Chauffeur provided by the KC Cars agency of Goa. No unauthorized person is allowed to drive the car, when the chauffeur is provided for driving the vehicle at all times. Chauffeur Car Drivers are well trained and registered with us. So you are safe always. Also our chauffeur driver doubles up as good Tourist cum Shopping Guide as we hire only local Goans.



Taxi Cars

KC Cars operating closely from Colva beach area also provides Taxi Car Services for tourists and general customers. Taxi Car Services are different from driven and self driven cars as the Taxi Driver will provide Taxi Car Services on a Point to Point basis, Meaning, once the customer or tourist has been transported to his/her desired destination anywhere in Goa, then the Taxi Car leaves immediately.

Our Simple Saying is: Leave your Car cares to KC Cars.


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